Board of Directors with voting rights:

1) Šejla Kulenović - Latal - President

2) Ivana Bušić born Pahor - Member

3) Dragana Đaković - Member

4) Sanda Beljak - Member

5) PhD Milenko Dostić - Member



Ms. Šeila Kulenović - Latal is a graduate from the Faculty of Medicine - University of Sarajevo in 1994. From 1994 to 1996 she worked for “Medecines Sans Frontieres” as an assistant to the local manager on the project of mental health. Since 1996  to 2004 she has been working as a Manager of the Department for Psychosocial Trauma Recovery in CRS, where her responsibility is to contact centers for social works, as well as the other relevant psychosocial institutions. Since 1999 she is Practitioner of classical homeopathy.



Ms. Ivana Bušić is the member of MIKRA Board of Directors. By profession she is an economist and microfinance expert. She graduated at "Carrol College" Helena, Montana, USA with major in “International Political and Economy relations” and for three years worked for LID (Department of the Local Initiative for the development of the microfinance sector in BiH that was established and supported by World Bank). Ms. Bušić is also an experienced trainer in various fields and subjects within the microfinance sector. As a local trainer she held several trainings for CGAP (Consultant Group for support to the poorest). Currently she works at the USA Embassy as ARC Coordinator in the Department for Public Relations.


PhD Milenko Dostić graduated and received his MA and PhD in 1980 at the Faculty of Economics at University of Sarajevo.

Before he began working as a university professor, he served as director of the Institute for Organization and economics, was a Minister for trade, foreign trade and prices in the Government of SR Bosnia and obtained a number of other positions at various institutions. He has published a number of important publications and research projects, and for many years has been engaged in research work. He is a small businesses development expert, and currently a Professor  at the Faculty of Economics.


Ms. Dragana Đaković is an Economist; she worked as a high school teacher in the Economics High School of Banja Luka. Ms. Đaković is one of the founders of the local non-government organization women's association called “Vidra” from Banja Luka where she has also served as a member of the Board of Directors. Today she is a partner in an international trade company and a very active participant in many public and social events.


Ms. Sanda Beljak graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical at the Sarajevo University in 1993. Before she started working for CRS program she used to work as professor in Mechanical High school in Sarajevo. Since 1994, she has been working on different positions in CRS. Currently, she works in CRS Bosnia and Herzegovina as Director of Operations.



Advisory honourable members of Board of Directors without voting rights


Msgr. Miljenko Aničić was born in 1950 in Pecnik near Modriča. He became a priest on June 29, 1977. He graduated from the Theological Faculty in Innsbruck, Austria. He received his PhD in Moral Theology. Since 1990, he has been working as the Director of Caritas in Banja Luka, however, in the 1992-1998 period he was on the duty of President of Caritas. For a long number of years, Msgr. Aničić has been fostering cooperation with CRS, the founder of MIKRA, and has been successfully implementing projects throughout the Banja Luka Bishopric. Msgr Miljenko Aničić was member Board of directory until October 27, 2008 when He became an advisory honorary member of Board of Directors without voting rights for social affairs on his own request.



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